You may feel helpless and think that nothing can change your situation. But you should never give up…
We are glad that you have come to us…
We all know that the first step is the hardest one, it requires bravery, but at the same time it promises hope. From the very moment you have gained interest in our clinic – GK clinic, you have already made the first step, you want to believe, that you can feel better than now, and you know that you are ABLE to feel that way.

When can you apply to the psychotherapist?

We encourage you to consult a specialist if you are plagued by:

  • Bad mood, anxiety and fear;
  • Panic and the various neural malaise;
  • stress, loss of friends or relatives, or intrusive thoughts;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Communication with other people;
  • Conflicts in school, work and family;
  • Night wetting (enuresis), and other problems.

Can I go with my family member?

Of course. You can apply to both individual and family counseling.

How long does a psychotherapeutic counseling session take?

A psychotherapeutic counseling session usually lasts for an academic hour. In most cases these experts recommend 1-2 meetings a week.

What are the treatment methods applied by a psychotherapist?

Our GK clinic specialist will adapt the world recognized classic and current methods of treatment and counseling, as well as cutting-edge medical treatment, in order to help You.

If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation.

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