Redermalisation – a new generation of innovative Xela Rederm injections

Redermalisation – a new era in the injectable aesthetic medicine!

If you want to refresh your skin, promote the regeneration of new cells and give them a charge of energy and moisture, this procedure is for you!
Redermalisation – a new generation of innovative Xela Rederm injections!

What Redermalisation is?
It is a deep and superficial skin reconstruction and enhancement. The procedure:

  • improves skin texture and appearance, feeling the skin from inside,
  • boosting the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles and stretching the skin,
  • improving skin’s nutrition and unifying its colour,
  • perfectly hydrating and stretching the skin,
  • reducing pigmentation.

What preparations are used for the Redermalisation procedure ?

Redermalisation is performed with Swiss-made Xela Rederm products. They have unique formulas: amber acid and hyaluronic acid. This unique combination fights with all signs of the aging skin!

How does amber acid work?
Amber acid used during redermalisation stimulates cellular energy processes, activates intracellular mitochondria and fibroblasts, restores skin cell dysfunctions, improves microcirculation, reduces inflammation, and neutralizes free radicals. Therefore, it is great in slowing down the aging process!

How the combination of Xela Rederm formula is unique ?
Amber and hyaluronic acids act in synergy: their combination allows to achieve 3 times greater maximum efficacy than that of hyaluronic acid alone.

It is for a good reason that this product has become a No 1 among anti-aging products!

How is the redermalisation procedure performed? Which areas are best for it?
Your facial skin will be desensitised with a local aesthetic cream, so you will virtually not feel the microinjections. The doctor will use a special micro-needle to injectable product directly into the required areas. The procedure is ideal for the face, neck, décolleté, hands, and other areas

How will I look like immediately after the procedure?
After the procedure, small bruising may appear. In all cases, your doctor will advise you on the alleviation means that will quickly relieve unwanted effects and symptoms.

How many Xela Rederm injection sessions are recommended?
We recommend performing the procedures free of four times a month.In each individual case, the specialist will prepare you treatment plan that best suits your condition.

Is this procedure right for you?
Ask your doctor. If you have any questions, please call us at GK Clinic tel. 2555 33 53 and arrange for a private doctor’s consultation. After a short examination the doctor will decide if this treatment method is good for you.

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