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A Future to Believe in

MyCore gives you the ability to immerse yourself into a healthier lifestyle.
Find out the truths behind how your body works and what are the best (and worst) foods and micronutrients for you to enjoy the perfect balanced diet.

Welcome to YOUR Health Revolution.

This revolutionary package is REVIV’s latest addition to its product range and includes:

  • Megaboost® Wellness IV
  • Nutrition DNA Analysis
  • Bi-Annual Doctor-Led Consultations for 2 Years
  • Personalized Meal Plan

Megaboost® – The Ultimate Wellness IV Therapy

REVIV are the global leaders of IV therapy and booster shots. Our Megaboost® IV will bring you into a healthy balance, detoxifying your body whilst also strengthening your immune system.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • Energy
  • Detoxification
  • Minerals, antioxidants & electrolytes

Nutrition DNA Analysis – Where all your food secrets are revealed

The health and nutrition market can be confusing when we’re constantly confronted with what we should and shouldn’t be putting in our bodies.
Generic diets are created for us without any knowledge of our internal workings. With MyCore you will finally be given the knowledge of what works for you.

Your results will reveal the truth to how you can live a healthier life and have a diet that is specific to the way your genes work. The analysis will also provide the best opportunity for you to reach your goals, whether they be to lose weight, increase nutrition, or simply life a more wholesome life, confidently knowing that you’re doing exactly the right thing for you.

Our Nutrition Analysis includes:

  • YOUR weight gain factors
  • YOUR food intolerances
  • YOUR recommended nutritional intake

Other benefits of our Nutritional DNA Analysis include:

  • Nutrition genetics
  • Food ingredients tables
  • Eating healthy with the help of the food list
  • Dietary supplements
  • Detoxification
  • Food list

Bi-Annual Doctor-Led Consultations for 2 Years

Doctor-led consultations will explain the findings of your results, which have a 99.97% scientific accuracy. That’s higher than any other company currently on the market.

You will be taken through every detail of your Nutrition DNA profile in your first consultation.
In future meetings you can track your nutritional progress, discover & discuss what changes you have made and how it has impacted your day-to-day, and be given further guidance on any other changes that can be made to ensure you’re living your best possible life.

Your Personalized Meal Plan

What might be good for someone else may not be good for you.
Find your nutritional balance with our MyCore meal plans.

Created and developed by one of our leading nutritionists, this meal plan is specifically personalized to your results.
Following this plan will leave you feeling healthier, energized and confident that you’re achieving that healthy balance.

Why wait any longer. Start your health future today with MyCore.

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