Scalp itching and flaking diagnosis and Treatment

Hair not only keeps the body safe from mechanical and thermal damage, but it is also important for the human beauty. Scalp disease caused problems plague the patients with psychological discomfort and their hair often seems non-aesthetic. That’s why a lot of patients go to a dermatologist with these problems.

What are the most common causes of scalp dandruff?

Patients often try to treat skin itching and dandruff themselves with various cosmetic shampoos. However, if these measures do not solve their problems – it becomes a serious scalp problem. Reddish scaly patches or plaques of various sizes appear on the scalp surface.

It is important to know that the scalp itching and scaling and can be caused by various skin diseases, such as:

  • seborrheic eczema;
  • allergic / irritation contact eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • fungus and others.

How scalp itching and scaling causing diseases are diagnosed?

Since the scalp itching and flaking has various reasons, the diagnosis requires a comprehensive examination of the patient. Clinic history is collected, the scalp is inspected by a dermatoscope and a Vudo lamp. In case of suspected fungal disease, a microscopic examination of hair and dandruff and a seeding is carried out. Skin allergic tests may be applied for a better diagnosis. When the head skin rash reasons are still unclear, skin biopsy is performed.

What scalp itching and dandruff treatment is usually prescribed?

The dermatologist, after assessing the results, identifies the precise diagnosis and will give you an individual, necessary treatment. GK clinic can provide complex treatment, i.e., Treatment by external and (or) systemic medications combined with phototherapy (PUVA or UVB 311 nm) and mesotherapy procedures. Your doctor will advise you on how to choose the right hair care products.

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