Want to learn the secret of youth? – it is the Secret RF!


Unique news in Lithuania – we are proud to be the first to introduce a micro-needle fractional radio frequency system – SECRET RF! It’s a unique, new generation and conceptual skin rejuvenation system: during the procedure, golden micro needles are inserted in the skin to the pre-programmed depth and the RF energy pass through them activates the proliferation of skin cells, all the while stretching and rejuvenating the skin.

SECRET RF fractional procedure is the latest Anti-Aging technology that safely and effectively rejuvenates your skin!

How does the SECRET RF fractional system work?

During the procedure, extra thin golden needles are inserted in the skin to the pre-programmed depth and radio frequency therapy is activated. Usually disposable nozzles with 25 microscopic needles are used. The released energy actively affects the collagen fibers of the skin and initiates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Where the SECRET RF procedure is used?

This procedure is perfect for stretching the facial skin, reducing wrinkles, tightening the skin, reducing pores, treating acne scars, and rejuvenating the skin. But it’s not just performed for Anti-Aging purposes! The SECRET RF fractional system is used to treat scars, striae and hyperhidrosis (increased sweating).

In which areas can the SECRET RF procedure be performed?

The procedure can be performed on both the face and other problem skin areas:neck, décolleté, arms, chest, etc.

Is it a painful procedure and how long it lasts?

Facial skin is anesthetized with local anaesthetic cream, therefore, the effects of micro injections and radio frequency are almost not sensible. The procedure itself takes about half an hour.

How will I look like after the procedure?

After the procedure the skin appears healthy reddened. Mild redness lasts for 3-4 hours. Because the surface layer of the skin is not removed during the procedure and is not damaged, there is no need for a troublesome postoperative period! Minimal swelling lasts for a few days.

How many procedures of SECRET RF are recommended ?

Although each patient is different and individual, it is usually recommended to perform 3-4 rejuvenation procedures.

The interval between procedures is 1 month. During each session, the skin changes because it transforms itself and rejuvenates from the inside.

What are the benefits of treatment by SECRET RF fractional system over other regenerative techniques?

It is a safe, effective and fast procedure for any skin type and it does not depend on skin pigmentation. This system combines the good qualities of both fractional lasers and Thermage®, but it is not painless at all, the patient does not feel any heat, and there is no complicated post-procedural period.This is an innovative rejuvenation methodology of a new level!

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