Neurotic and stressful disorders (neurasthenia, fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, moodiness, dismay and fear, panic and various malaise of neurotic nature).

Sexual dysfunctions (sexual dysfunction is when the individual is unable to participate in sex the way he or she wants. This is an important part of qualitative human life related to the fulfilment, completeness of life, affects working capacity, including personal relationships and family life).

Sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, psychogenic impotence). Depression and erection dysfunction.

Disappearance of genital reactions (major problem in men is erectile dysfunction, namely the inability to achieve or maintain an erection necessary for happening of satisfactory sexual relations).

Coitophobia (morbid fear of sexual intercourse, avoidance of sexual intimacy).

Treatment methods: Modern medicine allows the treatment using a variety of methods. Treatment is given according to the reasons determined; the most common is the use of various combinations of methods, such as behavioural therapy, local therapy, vacuum devices, and medication.

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