Skin light therapy

What is light therapy?

Light therapy is biostimulation of the skin using rays of visible spectrum and infrared light. During the procedure the deep layers of the skin are stimulated, the network of the skin wrinkles softens, skin tonus is improved, the skin becomes smoother, the blood circulation of the skin improves, the wounds heal better, the scars get smoother.


How is the skin affected during light therapy?

During light therapy the red and infrared rays stimulate DNA synthesis of the cells, biomodulate activity of dermal fibroblasts and thus stimulate synthesis of collagen. They also significantly increase vitality of the cells, increase their energetic resources (ATF).

Is this a safe procedure? What is the duration?

This is a completely safe and relaxing as well as pleasant procedure, during which slight warmth is felt over the skin. Usually the procedure takes about half an hour. Make-up can be applied right after it.

When do we recommend light therapy?

We especially recommend light therapy for prophylaxis in order to prevent aging of the skin: formation of wrinkles, decrease of skin tonus, elasticity. It is also highly recommended after various plastic surgeries, traumas, laser and IPL therapies as it increases regenerative mechanisms: the skin heals better, quicker and nicer.
Light therapy is especially suitable for the persons who wish to rejuvenate their skin without any aggressive treatment with laser or traditional plastic surgery. Furthermore, this kind of therapy is very relaxing and pleasant.

How many light therapy procedures do I need?

During consultation the specialist of plastic – reconstructive surgery will evaluate the type of your skin, pigmentation, age, and discuss the desired results. In each individual case the specialist will choose the most suitable treatment plan for you individually that will ensure the most effect.
It is always very important to consult the doctor who will actually perform the procedure. Only this doctor is able to evaluate the changes, type of the skin of your face and, after hearing your wishes, to offer you the most suitable type of surgery or procedure as well as provide detail and thorough information. After hearing the requests of the patient and evaluating the existing changes the doctor may offer you fractional FRAXEL® laser treatment photorejuvenationlaser skin rejuvenation or wrinkle correction using injectables:  botulin toxin, or tissue fillers, or advise you to combine several of those therapies. Or maybe plastic surgery fits you better?


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