Snapping finger “trigger finger” (stenosing tenosynovitis)

Fingers and hands – are extremely important in our lives. Without them we could not do anything. It is for a cause, that they say that a man who can’t do anything right “has his hands coming out of the wrong place”.
Timely untreated hands and fingers diseases progress and may even become a cause of disability.

There are dozens of hand diseases, some of them are congenital, and others come out with age, the thirds one are caused by trauma. Our GK Clinic specialists will help you not only to determine the cause of deformation, or pains in your hands or fingers, but will also find a suitable treatment whether it is an operational or a non invasive method.

What are the most common hand diseases?

Frequently patients report such ones:

  • Snapping “trigger” finger syndrome (stenosing tenosynovitis);
  • Hand ganglion, (synovial hernia)
  • fingers attracted to the palm (Dupuytren contracture);
  • numb fingers and so on.

What is “trigger finger” syndrome?

The “trigger finger” (stenosing tenosynovitis) – is a disease, which causes the finger to hang, crack, and sometimes not straighten out when you want it to, this is often accompanied by pain.Both one or a few fingers can be struck by this disease. This disease strikes both children and adults.

Our tendons, which bend the fingers are sliding in channels, consisting of various forms of ligaments. Sometimes, a thickened tendon can no longer freely slide through one of the ligaments. In the place where the tendon is stuck, a small painful lump can be felt near the base of the finger.

How to treat the “trigger finger” syndrome?

The aim of treatment – to remove a barrier to the movement of tendons. In each individual case, a GK clinic specialist will help you to choose a suitable method of treatment: sometimes the thickening of the tendon is reduced by mobilizing the finger with a specific mandrel, using anti-inflammatory drugs, but surgical treatment is still often required.

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