Spider nevus removal by the laser

What spider nevus?

A spider nevus – is an acquired, benign vascular skin formation appearing as a small red spot or a blister, with radialy spreading dilated blood vessels. Because of that, these formations look similar to a star or a spider web. In most cases these formations are 0.5 to 2 cm in size, located on the skin of face, neck or hand.

Spider nevus

Is the spider nevus dangerous?

Tai nepavojingi sveikatai dariniai. tačiau jie gali plėstis ir didėti, todėl dažniausiai šalinami dėl estetinių tikslų.

Spider nevus

How to treat spider nevus?

In GK clinic- spider nevi are treated by a medical laser. In most cases a single laser procedure is enough, it lasts from a few to several minutes. Sometimes, when the nevus is large, it takes a few procedures.

How painful is a spider nevus removal by the laser?

During the procedure, there is little warmth or tingling. Because of the specific measures, and the most modern laser equipment, the procedure causes minimal discomfort, and anesthesia is not necessary for adults. General anesthesia was applied to young children only in exceptional cases.

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