Surgical, laser, sclerotherapy, compression therapy, or combined therapy varicose leg vein treatment

What is so unique about varicose vein treatment in GK clinic?

GK clinic offers complex treatment of varicose leg veins: surgical, laser, injections (sclerotherapy), compression or combined treatment while using several treatment ways listed above.
In each individual case, a specialist will choose the most suitable and effective treatment way for you. Often, several treatment methods (eg laser and operative) are combined.

What expanded vein treatments exist?

Endovascular laser method – is one of the most advanced laser operating methods. During the operation the vein is punctured and an optical fiber is inserted, through which the laser affects the vein. As a result, the vein closes and collapses. This method is suitable for large varicose veins removal. You can read more about this method, here.

Surgical method- damaged veins are removed during surgery, thus reducing high venous pressure, and preventing disease progress. The minimum size of incisions and cosmetic stitches make scars almost invisible.

Laser therapy – a net of expanded venous blood vessels or single veins are exposed to a laser beam. When the blood vessel absorbs the laser beam, strong heat is generated and the vessel’s walls immediately clump together. The laser method is particularly suitable for small vein branches located in the skin. This method is non-invasive therefore does not require any special preparation or supervision. Learn more about this method here.

Sclerotherapy – the medication is injected into a vein, thus causing it’s aseptic inflammation and shrinking. Suitable for small varicose vein branches.

Compression therapy – a treatment method with compression socks. Elastic stockings and pantyhose compress the veins and help to pump venous blood to the heart more efficiently. It improves blood circulation in the legs, thus making leg swelling, pain, numbness, aches disappear, and even the possibility for clot formation in veins is being reduced. Because of the pressure of the socks and stockings, the reflux in enlarged (varicose) surface veins is reduced and almost disappears. This prevents venous stasis or venous ulcers caused problems. Compression therapy is often used as a preventative measure or when it is not possible to perform an operation. The doctor will choose socks type and compression strength during the consultation.

Our clinic applies all of the above mentioned study and treatment methods.

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