The correction of scars

Many different methods and devices for scar correction are used in GK Clinic, including special medical devices, injections, special lasers or Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) systems.

Acne, burn, posttraumatic, hypertrophied and keloid scars can be changed to appear smoother or completely invisible.



Posttraumatic scars that were not surgically corrected, or were corrected by other techniques rather than the plastic technique can be operated upon again. During the operation, the old scar is removed and all layers of the wound are then sutured. Special skin glue may be applied so that the wound will heal smoothly, and the new scar will be less visible.

Why do you need a consultation?

The plastic surgeon at GK Clinic will ask you to talk about exactly what you would like to change.  It’ll help him/her understand, summarize your desires, and consider which method will best fit your needs.

The plastic surgeon will inspect your scars, consider their size and form, color, condition and localization. It is very important to inform the doctor if anyone among your relatives has the keloid type of scars.

The plastic surgeon will also inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages of these operations or procedures.

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