Thermage® is unique procedure commonly known “non-surgical lifting of the skin”. This is non-invasive technology that may refine and improve your appearance.Termage® lifts and tightens Your skin and rejuvenates contours of the face, due to it’s ability of rebuilding deepest structures of the skin. The procedure that may reshape your future…

What is  “Thermage®”?

Thermage® is a procedure that smooths, tightens and contours the skinresulting in a natural younger looking appearence. Since this is not a surgical method, there will be no changes in your usual lifestyle. You will not need additional vacations or downtime.

What is the difference between Thermage® and skin rejuvenation using other lasers or IPL?

Thermage® mostly effects deeper layers of the skin and have the most intensive effect of lifting, contouring and smoothing wrinkles of the skin compearing to all innovative procedures and laser systems. This procedure is designed to tighten, to lift the skin, to smooth the wrinkles, to shape and contour the line of chin and lower facial-mandibular line and other contours of the face and the body, to rejuvenate lips (to smooth vertical wrinkles of the lips, give them fullness).

Is Thermage® procedure performed only for the facial?

The Thermage® is performed in any region you want to lift and tighten the skin: face, neck, “decolletage” regions, hands (especial at the dorsal surface), arms, breasts, abdomen and other regions. This method is especially suitable to rejuvenate the lips.

What happens in the skin during this procedure? How this procedure is performed?

The tip of computerised device generates appropriate temperature in the deeper layers of the skin that stimulates collagen fibres of the deeper layers of the skin, stimulates synthesis and architecture in the skin. Thus the amount of collagen fibres increase, the skin tightens and smoothes.

What is the duration of the Thermage® procedure?

The procedure may last from 30 minutes to several hours, depends on the surface of the treated skin.

How will I look after the procedure? Can I return to work directly after the procedure?

The skin has healthy redness, a slight swelling may be seen for several days following procedure. Usually you do not need additional vacations or downtime.

How many courses of Thermage® is recommended to perform?

Although every patient is different and individual, usually one procedure of Termage® is enought.

Are you a good candidate for Thermage® procedure?

During the consultation, our plastic surgeon will examine your skin type, laxity, elasticity, age and consider the desired results. This procedure is especial suitable for these regions of the face and the skin where skin elasticity is reduced, the skin is loose and/or there is excess of the skin. Ideally, if the skin is thin or medium thickness, loose and wrinkling of the skin is from minor to moderate one. Especially Termoliftimg is suitable for those patients when usual facelift is too early to performe, and for those which have had facelift surgery and the skin is still too loose.

Always it is important to consult with the physician who performs the procedure. Only he/she can evaluate the changes, type of your skin, and offer the most suitable surgery method or the procedure and provide detailed information about it. Maybe according to patient’s desires and evaluating present changes the physician will offer fractional laser treatmentphotorejuvenation, wrinkles correction using Botulinum toxin injections or tissue fillers, or may offer to combine some of these methods. Or maybe facelift surgery is the most suitable for you?

Our specialist will individually select the most suitable treatment regime to achieve the best effect.

How early the results are seen after Thermage® procedure?

The results are seen immediately after the procedure, and increase through several months. Lifting effect and contouring increases gradually from two to six months following procedure.

How long the results of Thermage ® procedure last?

The Thermage® procedure stimulates the production of collagen that lasts for 6 months following the procedure. Thus the deeper skin changes: the amount of collagen fibres increases, they form the regular layers in the deeper skin. So, the results are long-lasting and depends on condition of the skin and individual aging processes.

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