Treatment of Port – wine stains malformation (naevus flammeus) using combined laser therapy

What is a Port – wine stain malformation?

Port-wine stain malformation is a congenital vascular malformation. It’s a flat reddish or bluish stain. This stain is usually located on the face. This stain is called a vascular malformation, but the reason for it is vascular innervation disturbances rather than changes of the vessels themselves. According to the undeveloped innervation of the dermal blood vessels, the vessels always stay dilated, therefore giving the visual appearance of a red stain.

Port-wine stain malformation

Does this port- vein stain malformations change during your life?

This stain is not of oncologic origin and does not dilate during childhood. The expansion or formation of nodules (nodular transformation) usually appears in addition to other diseases, in teens or after traumas, pregnancy, or during labor.

Can you recover without treatment?

Port wine stains never disappear or improve without treatment.

What is the treatment?

The stains can only be corrected using laser procedures. Surgical stain removal is not cosmetically acceptable and only provides short-term results. To get the desired effect, a small number or more laser procedures must be performed. IPL therapy is also used for treatment in our GK Clinic, but the best results are obtained by a combination of both methods.

When should you start the treatment?

The treatment provides the best results at early childhood, before nodular transformation or other complications appear. Our doctor will carefully examine you, consider any undesirable changes, and inform you about all the specifics of this procedure. You will consider the desired results together. Our specialist will then choose your individual plan of treatment and the optimal combination of lasers and IPL.

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