ULTRACEL Q + next-generation linear and dot HIFU

ULTRACEL Q + is a unique treatment that perfectly tightens your skin without a scalpel! Not only does it tighten and lift your skin, renew face or body contours, but also, at the same time, can reduce the amount of fatty tissue in required areas! The innovative HIFU linear cartridge makes skin lifting faster, while at the same time allowing to reduce the thickness of fatty subcutaneous tissue, if needed!

What is the ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment?

ULTRACELLQ + HIFU is the latest and least discomfortable HIFU treatment that tightens, lifts and contours the skin, giving it a naturally young look. Thanks to the unique innovative linear cartridges, the amount of fatty tissue can be reduced at the same time, if necessary! Since this is not a surgical method, your normal lifestyle will not be disrupted. No downtime is required.

How is ULTRACEL Q + HIFU different from previous HIFUs?

Unlike other systems, ULTRACEL Q + HIFU causes the least amount of discomfort and heat sensations. Thanks to the new type of unique linear cartridges, the treatment is performed twice as fast. In addition, this innovative treatment  makes it possible not only to perform skin lifting, but also to reduce the amount of fatty  tissue, if necessary!

Is the ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment designed only for the face?

ULTRACEL Q + HIFU can be used on all areas to lift, contour and tighten the skin: face, neck, décolleté, arms, chest, abdomen, waist, buttocks, above the knees and elsewhere.

What happens to the skin during the treatment? How does the treatment work?

During the treatment, in the deep layers of the skin, the cartridge of the computerized device creates the required temperature with the help of a focused ultrasonic sensor and stimulates the synthesis and distribution of collagen fibers in deep skin layers. As a result, the amount of collagen fibers increases, the skin is tighter and smoother.

How long does the ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment take?

The treatment itself, depending on the area of skin to be treated and the desired result, can take up to 8-10 minutes, with the latest linear cartridges performing the treatment twice as fast as the old dot cartridges.

What will I look like after the treatment? Can I go straight back to work?

For a few minutes after the procedure the skin will have a healthy redness.  You can return to your normal life immediately after the procedure.

How many ULTRACEL Q + HIFU sessions are recommended?

Although each patient is different and individual, one treatment  is usually sufficient.

How fast can I see the results after ULTRACEL Q + HIFU ?

The results are visible  immediately after the treatment and keep improving over the course of several months. The skin gradually becomes tighter (lifting effect) and more contoured  in the course of two to six months after the treatment.

What determines the results of the ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment?

The results of the treatment depend on:

  • the doctor’s qualifications,
  • what type of cartridges (dot or linear)  or their combinations are used during treatment,
  • the energy at which the treatment is performed.

How long do the results of the ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment  last?

The ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment boosts the production of new collagen up to 6 months after the treatment. As a result, there are changes in the deep skin layer:  there are more collagen fibres spread out evenly in deep skin layers.  Thus, the results are long-lasting and depend on the condition of the skin and individual aging processes.

Is the ULTRACEL Q + HIFU treatment right for you?

During the consultation, the specialist will assess your skin type, looseness, firmness, age, and discuss the expected results. This treatment is especially suitable for those areas of the face or body where skin tightness is reduced, the skin is loose and / or there is an excess of it. Ideally, skin looseness and wrinkles are mild to medium.  If you want to tighten the skin and reduce the amount of fatty tissue, for example, on the chin, abdomen or hands, the new linear ULTRACEL Q + HIFU is the treatment for you!

ULTRACEL Q + HIFU is especially suitable for patients for whom it is too early to perform a traditional facelift, as well as for those who have already had a facelift and whose skin is still too loose.

You should always consult the doctor performing the treatment. Only the doctor can assess the changes and type of your facial skin and, after listening to your wishes, offer you the most suitable method of surgery or treatment, and provide detailed information. Maybe after hearing the patient’s wishes and assessing the changes, your doctor will suggest the BIONUTRILIFT treatment or the laser fractional skin renewal Fraxel®, photorejuvenation, wrinkle correction injections of botulinum toxin  or tissue filler products or  suggest combining several of these techniques. Or maybe facelift plastic surgery is most suitable for you?

In each individual case, the specialist will draw up and select the most suitable and most effective treatment plan for you.

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