At GK Clinic, we perform ultrasound examinations

At GK Clinic, we perform ultrasound examinations
  • 2021 May 24

At GK Clinic, we perform ultrasound examinations of internal organs, thyroid, prostate, bladder, kidneys, neck blood vessels. Examinations are performed by radiologist-echoscopist Juozas Jarašūnas.

Juozas Jarašūnas - Doctor sonographer
Juozas Jarašūnas – Doctor sonographer

Abdominal ultrasound examination is a fast, reliable, completely painless ultrasound examination of internal organs. An ultrasound examination of  abdominal organs helps determine the condition and pathological changes of the following organs: liver (cysts, tumors and metastases, changes in the structure and size of the liver, etc.), pathology of the portal vein; gallbladder and duct tumours, stones, gallbladder inflammation, etc .; gallbladder motor function (more common in children); pancreas, spleen pathology; appendicitis.

About a million new cases of breast cancer are registered worldwide each year. In Lithuania, the incidence of breast cancer has increased two and a half times in three decades. Regular check-ups will help detect the disease early and start treatment on time. Early stage breast cancer can be completely cured. Breast ultrasound is the first-choice examination for young women aged 20-30 to determine if there are any suspicious growths in the breast. When is a breast ultrasound examination recommended? When planning pregnancy, before starting to take contraceptive pills or after long use of contraceptives  or hormone replacement therapy, before plastic breast surgery, as later on this examination will help assess the condition of breast implants,  in the case of a benign breast disease, to clarify the findings of a mammography, to assess armpit lymph nodes. All women should have their check-ups once a year, even if they have no complaints and regularly check their breasts themselves palpably..

Thyroid ultrasound is a fast, reliable, completely painless ultrasound examination. Thyroid ultrasound helps detect thyroid tumours, cysts, changes in thyroid structure and size. The test is usually needed in the case of  thyroid dysfunction – hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. If necessary, an ultrasound examination can be used for a thyroid biopsy (taking a piece of tissue) for a more detailed examination.

Neck blood vessel echoscopy   is a fast, reliable, completely painless ultrasound examination. During the examination, neck blood vessels, vertebral arteries, blood flow rate, neck lymph nodes are examined. Typical tests include: frequent headaches, tinnitus, flickering in the eyes, numbness of the extremities, coordination of movements, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, to detect vasoconstriction, thrombosis (clots), to monitor the patient after neck blood vessel surgery. A neck blood vessel ultrasound examination is usually prescribed by your doctor, but we recommend preventive check-ups at least once a year  for all patients who are 60+ to detect potential changes and initiate treatment as early as possible.