THE RESEARCH OF FUTURE in GK Clinic! Examine your gut health!

THE RESEARCH OF FUTURE in GK Clinic!  Examine your gut health!
  • 2021 April 1

More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates claimed that all diseases has its roots in the gut, but is only now that we are beginning to realize how right he actually was. Research of the last few decades confirms that the health of our entire body depends directly on the health of our gut.

  • Trouble losing weight?
  • Tired of bloating?
  • Intestinal discomfort and / or irritable bowel syndrome already diagnosed?
  • Increased stomach acidity, active use of antacids?
  • Suffering from general weakness, chronic fatigue?
  • Disturbed sleep?
  • Signs of depression or anxiety disorders?
  • Tired of skin eczema or acne?
  • It seems that the body does not absorb all the nutrients from food? …

The cause may lie in your gut!

Finally in Lithuania there is an opportunity to perform a unique study – to study the intestinal microbiota and understand what is going on in our intestines. And it’s very simple to do – you’ll only need to deliver an excrement sample to the clinic.

We currently offer three specially designed test packages, consisting of specific excrement tests, including a detailed examination of the intestinal microbiota and a doctor’s consultation. You will be able to choose the most necessary and the most suitable option during the initial consultation with your doctor.

Wait no longer and register for the consultation of our family doctor Raimonda Plioplytė! Let us guide you towards the path of better wellbeing.

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