Make your body perfect!

Make your body perfect!
  • 2018 February 2

Have a perfect body without surgery, without needles, without scars, without a postoperative period and with long-term results!

LipoCryo® is a completely new, non-invasive technology offered in the GK Clinic that cools and eliminates fat cells through and accurately controlled process, without damaging the skin and surrounding tissues.

GK Clinic offers you the cutting-edge, world-class medical, laser, and biotech advancements. Our many years of experience, using the latest technology and dedication in treating and caring for patients has helped thousands of them.

GK Clinic – your quality of treatment: from flawless health to anti-aging aesthetics!

If you have any questions, call our GK Clinic at: (5) 255 33 53, 8620 55599 and arrange for a private doctor’s consultation.

Consultation of body modelling specialist 50 EUR
LipoCryo procedure, one area 580 EUR

How is the LipoCryo® procedure performed:

More information:–padarykite-savo-kuna-tobulu-92386